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How Can You Make An Impact?

In doing this anti-racism work, I commonly get asked what actions people need to take in order to help. It's usually followed by "I can't change laws, I don't know anyone in power and I can't go out and protest."

With an issue as big as racism, it may seem like it's too big to make an actual impact. Well I'm here in your inbox to knock that thought right out of your head. I want to take you back to the Amy Cooper nonsense. She was a woman with underlying. prejudices and took a racist action to try and hurt a Black man. There have been many Amy Coopers (otherwise known as Karens) who have called the police on innocent Black people for existing. Nothing usually happens to these people which is frustrating because there aren't any systems in place to hold these people accountable. So it almost seems like a lost cause, we can't change systems and laws as one person... but we can still make an impact in this situation.

Amy Cooper is a regular person. One with friends, family and coworkers. How much of an impact do you think it could've made if Amy Cooper (and all the other Karens) had anti-racist people in their lives? A person in their lives who challenged their racist/prejudice comments. A person who questioned their beliefs. A person who lovingly called them out on their problematic actions. Would they completely change and no longer be prejudiced? Maybe? But they'll at least not feel as entitled to act on racist beliefs. So if you spoke to one person, how much of an impact could that have? What if everyone on this email list talked to one person?

You may not realize it, but you are a person of impact. At least one person in your life finds you influential and will listen to you when you speak. And if you're a business owner, don't get me started! You're a powerful human being and you have everything you need right now to make a change. Where do YOU have power? How can your influence make an impact? Don't ever discredit yourself.

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