Helping women become anti-racist in their lives and businesses

Anti-racism coaching is more than just being a better ally, it’s about creating a lasting impact. As a business owner and a service provider, you have so many opportunities to make an impact on this movement.


On a personal level you can have those difficult conversations with the people around you, work on your own underlying prejudices and process the emotions and insecurities that are keeping you stuck.


With your business you can use your influence to lead other people to start paying attention to these issues, create a welcoming and safe space for a diverse group of people. You can even create new business practices that open you up to a wider audience that wants what you have to offer, there just may be an invisible wall you don’t know about. 

Alyssa Hall

The Anti-Racism Coaching Program is a 6 month program (depending on how far along in your journey you are) that will teach you how to make an impact.




- Learn the basics of anti-racism and where you fit in to make the biggest impact. - Learn how to have productive conversations about racism (no more Facebook arguments with Aunt Karen!) - Release and challenge your underlying biases and prejudices. - Process your feelings of shame, anger and guilt around everything that’s going on.


- Work on assertiveness, people pleasing and scarcity mentality so you can take actions in your business without them holding you back. - Learn to feel comfortable with being your authentic self online and with potential clients. - They need to know exactly who you are so they can feel comfortable with you! - Let go of limiting beliefs that are keeping you from making powerful, impactful actions. - Learn how to make your Facebook groups and group programas a safe space for BIPOC. - Learn how to help your Black clients with specific issues they may face (no spiritual bypassing or toxic positivity!) - Learn how to deal with backlash and mistakes

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

- Get deep into your business practices and marketing. - Identify the barrier to entry to work with you and if it’s appropriate for your audience. - Identify every version of your ideal client (is your business open to all of them, or just one version?) - Ensure your marketing allows every version of your client to be seen - Ensure that your copy is not laced with cultural appropriation

Alyss Hall, 1:1 Anti-Racism Coach

1:1 coaching might be for you if...

  • You’re feeling some shame/guilt about the social justice movement because you care and feel like you may have been contributing to the problem.

  • You realize that your client roster is extremely white and you want more diversity, but you don’t know how to attract a diverse audience.

  • You really want to do something to support the Black Lives Matter movement, but you don’t know what that looks like and you’re anxious to do SOMETHING.

“Let’s shift from taking an action to making an impact.”

Package Offerings

  • The coaching program is 6 months long with weekly calls. Every week you'll have a 60-minute session to work through whatever challenge you're facing. This personalized time allows you to dig deep so you can make lasting change.

  • Unlimited voice and text support via Voxer. This work isn't easy. When you're taking action steps during the week, you may run into some challenges. For that reason, you'll have unlimited support via the Voxer app or email. When you're going through something rough, you don't have to do it alone.

  • Monique Melton’s Racist Habits course. Monique Melton is an anti-racism educator and has created a 90-minute course to help jumpstart your anti-racism journey. Before your first coaching session you'll be sent this course so you won't be clueless when the real work begins.

Ready to explore what this work looks like for you?


Book a consult with me. We’ll see where you are in your journey, explore what your end goal looks like and talk about the steps you need to take to get there. We’ll see if we’re a good fit and get you started!

Alyssa Hall

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this help me in my business?

- Your audience will see you as a leader as you model for them how to be a safe and inclusive business owner. - Your audience will feel welcome in your community and will refer others to it. Especially BIPOC. It’s not easy to find a safe and inclusive community of people who get us and have our back. - You’ll have more income. You’ll learn to find creative ways to work with/help more people and diversify your income. - You’ll grow your audience. When people feel seen and represented by you, they know that you are the person who can help them.

What exactly will you teach me in your program?

You are going to learn SO MUCH in this program. Not just about society, but about yourself as well. By incorporating Monique Melton’s Racist Habits course, I make sure that you’re getting educated by one of the best voices in the field. During our coaching work together I’ll be teaching you the most effective communication practices for talking to people about racism. You’ll also be learning about how to deeply help your clients on issues such as racism and sexism without spiritual bypassing (which is unfortunately how a lot of us have been taught). That’s honestly just scratching the surface.

What can I expect with us working together?

Expect to do some deep work. Expect to do some critical thinking (don’t turn away now, you’re way smarter than you think). Expect to make some changes to your life and business. It may be a little uncomfortable, but that’s what you have me for.


Client Testimonial

We signed up for 12 1-on-1 calls and immediately I started with the anti-racism crash course and a strengths test, which immediately helped me understand where I was getting stuck and where I can grow! I am able to calmly and collectively discuss racism with people of opposing viewpoints without getting blinding mad. I've created scripts and helpful plans for situations that I often encounter, so I can be the most effective communicator, and not have to leave the conversation when I get too mad. This is huge growth for me! And finally, we work together to solve challenging problems, such as discussing how to create more inclusive cycling team and cycling community, or tackling the tough discussions around transgender rights. 


I've grown so much! I'm grateful that through the consistent work together, I'm able to get better at crafting my messaging, I've attracted a more diverse clientele than ever before! I'm able to adequately state that my values are my business values and I am forever working hard towards an anti-racist society and breaking down the systems of white supremacy and patriarchy. With Alyssa's guidance, I've been able to have tough conversations with people in my community, and prepare to have more hard conversations in the future feeling well equipped with how to handle the talks.


I feel grateful, thrilled, and amazed to be working with Alyssa Hall Coaching, she has helped me transform into someone who can effect change! Now, I have an growing toolkit of skills to address racism, transgender rights, equality, diversity, and feel competent doing so! I'm managing to channel away from my anger-as-default and into much more constructive discussions, helping to influence others as much as I can. 


I'm grateful for my new skill development, especially when other BIPOC in the cycling community have publicly addressed me in gratitude for stepping into allyship. I"m thrilled because I know in my core I'm affecting a small bit of change, doing the right thing because it is RIGHT, and now I have tools to bring about change!  


I'm also thrilled that I've been able to start attracting a more diverse client base. I recently gained my first trans client and connected with a Black woman cyclist who is eagerly starting a BIPOC women's cycling team! I wanted to serve more diverse clients and bring more women of color into cycling, but had NO clue how to start. I'm so excited for the future!