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What if there was a way to successfully build a business without their influence?

There's a better way to do business.

You just don’t know how to merge building a successful business with anti-racism work that makes a difference.

You want to do better. You look around and notice that most of the people you’re attracting look like you and you know it means that there’s a gap somewhere.  


You want to break down the barriers that all these systems of oppression have created.


These values are important to you, but you don’t think you’re truly living in them.

I get it.


Making things even more complicated is the fact you're afraid to change things too much in a way that would affect your bottom line. You have people counting on your business to succeed. YOU’RE counting on your business to succeed!


And you know what? It’s perfectly normal for you to be where you are right now. It’s actually expected. This doesn’t make you a bad person. It just means the system is working exactly as it was designed.

Old Book

“Only one right way” thinking has taught us that the way to achieve success is to repeat what the old white men have been doing for centuries.


All-or-nothing thinking has taught us that if we don’t follow their model, we won’t be successful.

Professionalism and assimilation have taught us to shed parts of ourselves (and our values) that are important in order to achieve success.

It's overwhelming.

You know that a lot of the “best practices” are just remixed versions of the same exclusionary practices that white supremacy and the patriarchy created. It feels gross knowing that your business could be perpetuating harmful systems and structures. 


This isn’t news to you. You’re self-aware and know these things about yourself and you want to do better. The question is HOW.

"For the master's tools will never dismantle the master's house. They may allow us temporarily to beat him at his own game, but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change."

- Audre Lorde

It doesn't have to be this way.

What if instead of...

  • Constantly worrying that you’re not doing enough

  • Feeling like a fraud for serving the BIPOC community

  • Being terrified of making a mistake

You could feel...

  • Relieved knowing that anti-racism is a part of your business structure with metrics to measure the outcome.

  • Excited to work with new people because you know how to meet them where they’re at regardless of how different they are from you.

  • Confident knowing that you have tools to address any issue, even when you mess up.


Do Biz Better!

The 1:1 anti-racism program for entrepreneurs who want to make an impact and divest from the patriarchal white supremacist culture that isn’t serving them, their clients, or the world.  Blending coaching and consulting to help you become an inclusive leader of a business with an anti-racist framework.

“I've grown so much! I'm grateful that through the consistent work together, I'm able to get better at crafting my messaging, I've attracted more diverse clientele than ever before! I'm able to adequately state my values are my business values and I am forever working hard towards an anti-racist society and breaking down the systems of white supremacy and patriarchy.”

- Marissa

Anti-racism work does not have to be another daunting task on your checklist. In reality, it shouldn’t be. Do Biz Better was created to help give you the tools to have a business that is acting on your anti-racist values.

It starts with a process of self-awareness and unlearning. In order to move forward, you have to have a clear image of where you are. We start with assessing how aligned your business currently is with your values and what gaps need to be addressed.


From there, you’re taken on a personal journey of unlearning the thinking patterns that white supremacy culture has taught us while restructuring the building blocks of your business to be more inclusive. 


Do Biz Better is a program that is customized to where you are in your journey and what your business needs. There’s no basic formula. Why? Everyone’s business is different and everyone’s anti-racism journey is different. In order for this work to be long-lasting it has to be something that meets your needs and is suited to your particular business. Because of that, the length of time that we’ll be working together will be decided based on the consult. But just know we’ll be hanging out for at least 4 months.

Headshot 2021.JPEG

I’m Alyssa - Your Anti-Racism Consultant and Leadership Coach

Long story short, I help entrepreneurs on their journey in divesting from white supremacy culture and patriarchal bullshit. But that wasn’t how I always started. When I first entered the coaching space 5 years ago I was a life coach for moms helping them overcome mom guilt and pursue their passions. But things shifted for me in June 2020 when the need for antiracism education became evident more than ever throughout the country. While I loved working with moms, the need for anti-racism education was starting to pull at me. I was watching coaches everyday struggle to authentically implement anti-racism practices within their business, They needed help, they needed the education, and I knew I could provide it to them. So I did.

I now support entrepreneurs on a level deeper than just education. Anti-racism is not just about learning facts. It's about unlearning all we've been taught was the "right way". It takes a combination of being able to spot white supremacy culture In the wild and being coached through the common thinking patterns that have left us constantly feeling like perfection is the only way to success.


I do this work so that Black women can have the experiences they deserve with service providers. Far too often we are expected to assimilate, prove ourselves and jump through hoops to get the same experience as everyone else. We’re often an afterthought and it’s quite obvious. Do Biz Better allows me to change things from the inside out so we have more businesses that will support us and give us the foundation to thrive.

Here’s what we’ll cover inside Do Biz Better—


"I want to know my blindspots"

  • Mission and Values Assessment

  • Begin to identify your gaps and blindspots


"I want to be better"

  • Identify and shed the messaging that you’ve received and internalized from white supremacy culture and the patriarchy.

  • Get a clear understanding of your privileges

  • Process what’s holding you back

  • Work through common thinking patterns (perfectionism, urgency, shame, guilt, etc.)


"I don't want my business to repeat harmful norms and practices"

  • Learn to build a business that serves both you and your values

  • Learn what it means to cultivate a safe space and handle difficult client situations

  • Learn to create inclusive and equitable programs


"I want my business to feel welcoming, safe, and supportive for everyone"

  • ICA Remix Workshop - Learn about the diverse versions of your ideal clients

  • Identify your gaps in your marketing

  • Learn to bring your full self into your marketing

  • Copy Workshop

Working from Home

“My business has transformed from taking any client who wanted to work with me to being intentional about who I actually work best with. Now, my business is filled with women who I ADORE working with and are EXTREMELY happy with my coaching. Alyssa has helped me uncover my authentic voice in my copy too which has taken me a LIFETIME to find!


Many think doing anti-racism work will make you feel like crap and you’ll feel pressure to do even more in the world. In my experience with Alyssa, the complete opposite is true. She opened my eyes to seeing I’m doing more than enough and that I don’t need to feel guilty for my privilege. Instead, I need to use it to my advantage to helps others in ways that work for ME too. 


I finally feel like ME in my life and business. Because of my self-love and self-acceptance, I can now love and accept others in much deeper ways which allows me to create the exact legacy I want in this world. I feel like a badass of love - ha! 

Do not overthink signing up, or think you can do this on your own or you will do it later. As someone who did all the self-study anti-racist and even business or leadership things, you can’t. None of those things even scratch the surface of what you’ll get inside her program. Sign up and thank me later.”

- Lindsay


You want a business that serves your values, serves you, and makes an impact. Do Biz Better is here to help you do that, authentically and sustainably.

Do Biz Better is a coaching and consulting program designed to meet you where you are with a customized plan.
Starting at $3000 for 4 months, there are numerous flexible payment plans available at no extra cost.

Are you ready to have an anti-racist business?

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